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Infocrest Technology has made a key enchancement on the 5th generation video wall display providing 4K video input capable HDMI and Displayport with video wall processing capability. Through built-in Displayport or HDMI input port, video signal up to 3840x2160@30Hz can be transmitted and the signal can be loopout through Displayport output port providing 2-by-2 video wall with each screen displaying 1920x1080 pixel resolution video. With the enhancement, only one 4K video input line is needed to display 4K resolution video on 2-by-2 video wall.

The 4K enchancement is available on all Infocrest Technology's 46, 49 and 55 inch video wall displays.



Central Power Video Wall System

Infocrest's premier video wall solution is designed for demanding operating environment. Unlike traditional video wall display, display power supply is not built in the display but designed separately so that the power supply can be installed up to 500feet away from display. In addition, the power input can be daisy-chained on multiple displays makes cabling to be clean and simple. Also, the power system with built-in redundancy provides more reliable 24/7 operation possible.

There are advantages using such system approach. Not having AC power supply on individual display reduces heat generated by display makes not only fanless design possible but also reduces costly maintenance.


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